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We’re licensed health insurance agents helping thousands of individuals and families find the right health insurance for their specific needs. We work with top health insurance providers to compare rates and find the best price for the health coverage you need. We also specialize in Obamacare, Family plans, Medicare, short-term, and affordable health care plans.

If you have questions on health plans, you can visit our FAQs section where we’ve answered top questions about health care. Live agents are also available day and night to speak with and help you with your health insurance needs.

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Before you’re going to be able to get the coverage you need, you’re going to want a quote. How much are you going to be paying? It all depends on the people in your household, the type of coverage that you are looking for, and how long you’re going to need coverage. Use the form above to get the information you need. You’re just a few clicks away from a great insurance policy! You’re going to need insurance and you’re going to need it as soon as possible if you don’t want to pay out of pocket expenses the next time you visit the hospital or your family doctor. Be prepared for the worst and make sure you’re covered. It’s only a matter of time before the next accident happens; are you ready?

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Shopping for health insurance coverage for yourself or your family can be a confusing process. Most people are looking for insurance coverage that will fit into their monthly budget while providing all the types of coverage needed. Comparing the different plans on the market can be hard as each one might have different benefits and there is no one size fits all option that will work perfectly for any and everyone. With different deductibles, changing co-pays and networks of providers that can be different, its no wonder that some people struggle to find the right policy.


These plans are a little more expensive than the HMO plans, but they offer more choice for the policyholder. This coverage will allow the policyholder to choose a doctor they prefer and have more hospitals and clinics included in the provider network. Policyholders must be careful to investigate the coverage options associated with these plans, as they may have high deductibles. This means you will have to come out of pocket for any major costs associated with your health until that amount is reached. While it still saves you money over having no insurance, you can end up having to pay out a large amount with a high deductible plan.


HSA Plans: A more flexible option, the HSA account is offered by employers and allows policyholders to contribute money directly out of their paycheck into a special account for health-related costs. This is taken from before-tax earnings and put into a special HSA account. You can then use these funds to pay expenses at the doctor’s office, purchase your prescriptions at the pharmacy and pay for items related to your health, like contact lenses and cold medicine. These plans offer lots of flexibility, but they are not a full coverage option and are best used in conjunction with another plan to help cover the full range of expenses associated with maintaining your health.

Short Term

Short-Term health insurance, Term health insurance or Temporary health insurance, is designed to fill the gap in your health care coverage during times of transition.
For many people, the best Short Term health insurance plan they can find may be the right solution.
Flexible/ Fast
We know that things can change quickly. This is why our Short Term Medical insurance plans, provide you with the flexibility. Start your coverage fast, sometimes, the next day.


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“Affordable has provided me wonderful advice on everything new in health insurance and carefully explained all my options. This was huge for me because I really didn’t know. Highly recommend!”

Victoria L, NM

“Agent was Great!!!, very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant to speak with.”

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“I am very happy with my plan. Agent was very nice and guided me throughout the entire process. Agent made me feel like she cares.”